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Best Greenhouse Cleaning Products | Ultimate Buyers Guide

You may be curious why cleaning your greenhouse is so important but you have to remember one thing: the same environment used for producing lush, healthy plants and plants that thrive is the same environment that can harbor pests, insects, and diseases that might destroy the plants you’ve worked so hard to grow. If you have a seasonal greenhouse, you should give it a thorough cleaning at the end of the growing season regardless of how many plants and pots are in there. Year-round greenhouses need several cleanings a year but don’t worry; you’ll get used to it more quickly than you think, so get your cleaners, water, and sponges ready.

We’ve compiled the best products on the market to easily get rid of these pests, while keeping your greenhouse brand new and more importantly making the job super easy for you!  So read on to find the best tools for the job.

If you want your greenhouse cleaning to be most effective, it’s best to use products that are as natural as possible and eco-friendly to boot.

1. Greenhouse Disinfectant

If you’re wondering why it’s so important for greenhouses to be disinfected regularly, there’s a simple answer. A clean greenhouse is less likely to harbor pests and diseases, and it is less likely to have tons of pathogens that can be harmful to the plants. Even dust particles that fall from pots can contain either fungi or certain bacteria. A good disinfectant also gets rid of algae and other harmful growths. Algae needs to be eliminated because the more algae you have, the more likely you are to have shore flies and fungus gnats, which wreak havoc in thousands of greenhouses and plants all over the globe every year. Remember, unlike in your home, don’t use bleach as a disinfectant in your greenhouse, even if diluted with water! Your plants will thank you for it later.

In addition to cleaning and disinfecting your windows in the greenhouse, you should go ahead and wash and disinfect work tables, benches, and even your cleaning containers if you reuse them (which most people do). Using disinfectants made for greenhouses is a smart option, of course, but as long as you know that they will be healthy to use, you should be fine.

2. Greenhouse Glass Cleaner

If you’ve ever wondered why cleaning the glass in your greenhouse garden is so important, you’re in the right place. When you’ve chosen glass windows instead of plastic ones, your greenhouse cleaning efforts may take a little longer but it is well worth it in the end. Why is cleaning the glass so important? It’s important for many reasons. First of all, you need a sufficient amount of sunlight and warmth coming into your greenhouse in order for your plants to grow and thrive. The only way to do that is to make sure that the glass is as clean as possible day in and day out, not just during the growing season. A clean greenhouse always means spotlessly clean windows and it’s important to clean them both inside and out.

It’s obvious why the outside of your glass windows get dirty because debris from the elements can be left behind after it rains or is windy, but what about the inside of the glass? Oddly enough, you can still find debris on this part of your glass windows. Things like algae, plant debris, and even debris that results from watering your plants all contribute to dirty windows but keeping them looking as good as new is much easier than you think. A top-notch glass cleaner will make cleaning your greenhouse windows faster and simpler than you think, especially if you find the right cleaning product in the beginning.

3. Telescopic Window Cleaners

Okay, so you’ve decided that your greenhouse windows need a good cleaning but you’re a little nervous about how you’re going to reach the panes at the very top of the greenhouse. What do you do next? After all, this isn’t like cleaning the items inside of the greenhouse or even cleaning the greenhouse floor. Cleaning your greenhouse windows has to be done regularly, at the very least around the end of the growing season if the greenhouse is seasonal; however, if you know just what to do, you can save yourself a lot of time and money from one year to the next.

Fortunately, there are now special products and tools that you can use to make the task a lot easier and one of those tools is a telescopic window cleaner. Made to reach around 10 to 12 feet high on average, these special poles make it super easy to clean your windows without even climbing a ladder, which is great because no one feels completely safe on top of a high ladder. They are sturdy, well made, and, best of all, built to reach the very top of the greenhouse even if you have the tallest one in the neighborhood, allowing you to clean all of your windows in no time. Even better, they usually cost a lot less than you think.

4. Glass Steam Cleaners

One of the best ways to clean mirrors and windows is with steam because not only is steam very efficient at cleaning glass surfaces but it can be effective even without using a chemical-filled solution of any type. When it’s impractical or dangerous to clean algae, pests, or any other type of debris from your windows, a good steam cleaner made just for glass may be just what you need to do the job right. All that’s required is a little water. This technique is nothing new but what is new are some of the advances that allow the steam to allow for proper greenhouse cleaning, whether you’re trying to remove dried leaves, pests, or even debris and disease from nearby plants.

Even dried-on soil and mud is never a problem with steam cleaners, making it super easy the next time you want to wash your windows off thoroughly. Best of all, you don’t necessarily have to include a chemical-filled or bleach solution to get the job done right because most people use steam cleaners with just the water and nothing else. Another advantage of using these cleaners is that the plants inside of your greenhouse pots are much safer because they will never be exposed to anything harmful.

5. Greenhouse Fumigator

Once you learn about plant pathogens, pests and diseases that can ruin your plants, and the harmful effects of algae, you’ll realize how important it is to keep all of your greenhouses spotless and super clean all year long. After all, if you want your garden to last, you have to keep everything inside of your greenhouse clean. Before you harvest, you can give your greenhouse a good thorough cleaning using a fumigator, which will quickly become one of your favorite greenhouse tools.

Much like other products, there are fumigators made just for greenhouses and they do a great job of getting rid of algae, leaves and other items with diseases on them, and even the many plant pathogens that can cause plants to die, including bacteria and fungi. If you are new to growing plants or veggies in your greenhouse garden and you want to give those items a great start each year, a top-notch fumigation will go a long way in preparing your greenhouse garden so that anything you plant there is much more likely to grow and thrive, free of disease or anything else that may hinder its growth.

Best Greenhouse Disinfectants

Below are three very good disinfectants that can make a good overall greenhouse clean a super-easy chore.

Physan 20 Broad-Range Disinfectant

Physan 20 Broad Range Disinfectant, 8-OunceUndoubtedly one of the best disinfectants on the market, Physan 20 is not only a super-efficient disinfecting product but is also environmentally friendly, has been approved by the FDA to use directly on plants, and even comes in a pleasant scent. It is therefore a perfect product for your greenhouse garden. Even better, this product will never discolor your skin like a lot of other disinfectants will, which is a huge perk if you just happen to forget to wear gloves one day. More importantly, since it is concentrated and you’ll only use a small amount of it each time you use it, this eight-ounce bottle of Physan 20 should last you a very long time. In most cases, you’ll only use one tablespoon of the product in a bucket of 20 gallons of water, although some situations may require a different dilution combination. It kills viruses, fungi, algae, and many types of bacteria on all types of plants and it is one of the best disinfectants on the market today for greenhouses of all types.

Hydrofarm Physan PSPH20 Physan 20 Disinfectant Germicide

Hydrofarm Physan PSPH20 Physan 20 Disinfectant GermicideMade specifically for cleaning and maintaining your greenhouse, it is also a very good product to use on firm outdoor surfaces, plants, and almost everything else in or around your greenhouse. A good greenhouse wash and disinfecting job, whether done a few times a year or just after the growing season, is crucial if you want the greenhouse and everything inside of it to stay healthy, fresh, and thriving all year long. This disinfectant comes in a one-gallon container that is concentrated and therefore should last a very long time. You can also use it for cleaning birdbaths, decorative water fountains, and even fixtures such as swimming pools or spas and hot tubs. It gets rid of fungi, viruses, and bacteria on your plants, pots, and anything else you’ve considered using bleach on until you realized that bleach may be too harsh in the end. It helps prevent disease-spreading organisms from getting to places where they shouldn’t be. As long as you make sure that you follow the directions and come up with the right solution, everything the solution touches is guaranteed to be safe. It even cleans lawn and turf grass, making it the perfect solution for all of your gardening and greenhouse needs.

Agralan M92 Citrox Greenhouse Disinfectant

Agralan M92 Citrox Greenhouse DisinfectantThis disinfectant is so natural and healthy that you don’t even have to remove your plants before disinfecting your greenhouse. It is a 500ml container of concentrated disinfectant so you’ll have to dilute it with water before you use it anywhere in your greenhouse. No good greenhouse clean is complete without a good disinfecting job as well. Citrox can be used to clean and disinfect not just your greenhouse but also your tools, pots, capillary matting, seed trays, sand beds, and even your bird tables. In other words, it’s good for both greenhouses and gardens as well as numerous accessories and structures in your yard. With Citrox, you can use the diluted solution to wash bulbs, tubers, corms, pond accessories, and so much more. You can more easily keep your water butts sweet and your birdbaths extra clean, and you can do it all cheaply and without worrying about harming the environment. From pots to gardening tools, decorative water fountains, and the greenhouse plants themselves, this disinfectant made out of citrus fruit extracts fights tons of bacterial and fungal diseases, and it never harms either plants or insect predators that are there for biological control. In fact, as long as you use the product according to directions, it is 100% safe to use it on almost everything.

Best Greenhouse Glass Cleaners

If you want to make sure your greenhouse windows are as clean as possible, you can use soap and water, but to make it easier, try one of the following products made specifically for cleaning glass windows.

Sun & Earth Glass Cleaner Spray

Sun & Earth Glass Cleaner SprayIf you love all-natural glass cleaners, you’ll love the Sun & Earth glass cleaning spray. It is made with apple cider vinegar, sage, and lemongrass so it is safe for the entire family, including the elderly, small children, and even your pets. It should also make you feel good that you’re using a product that is good for the environment and contains no harsh chemicals or any ingredients that can affect the health of the plants or even you and your family. Just because cleaning your greenhouse is something that needs to be done regularly doesn’t mean that you have to use dangerous chemicals to get the task done. You can’t get any safer than a product that is made with essential oils and all-natural, biodegradable materials. This product is even hypoallergenic, which means that if you have sensitive skin, you can still use it to clean your greenhouse windows and not worry about rashes or breaking out in hives. Better yet, since it is made with apple cider vinegar, you can clean your windows without the product leaving streaks behind, which saves you a lot of time and hassle as you’re cleaning your greenhouse. The essential oils used in this cleaner are some of the best oils to use if you want something spotless, which is one of the many reasons why this cleaner will never disappoint.

Invisible Glass 92194-4PK 32-Ounce Cleaner and Window Spray

Invisible Glass 92194-4PK 32-Ounce Cleaner and Window SprayThis product is great for both tinted and non-tinted glass items of all types and is free of ammonia so the smell will never overpower you as you’re cleaning. When cleaning your greenhouse windows, you no longer have to make up a bleach solution that smells awful and is sometimes difficult to work with. You can get your windows sparkly clean simply and without any complicated tools or cleaning products because Invisible Glass is easy to work with, extremely efficient, and costs a lot less than you might think. Greenhouses can have anything on their windows, including algae, plant debris, leaves, and even bits of soil that can get on them when you’re planting seeds or watering your plants. The solution is strong but gentle when and where it needs to be and it dries cleanly and with no messy, stuck-on soap residue or unpleasant scents. Just spray and wipe; the cleaning spray does the rest.

HG Glass & Mirror Spray

HG Glass & Mirror SprayThis cleaning spray for windows is made by a company that is so sure of their product that they even offer a no-streak guarantee, which goes a long way when your goal is to make sure that the windows in your greenhouse are clear and streak-free. A greenhouse clean is enough of a chore even on a good day so you never want it to take longer than it should to get everything inside of the greenhouse nice and clean. The HG glass cleaning spray is super easy to use, dries very quickly, and even removes dirt, grease, and soil regardless of how dried on they are. In fact, this spray is perfect for greenhouse windows because it is one cleaning product that is guaranteed to work and there is no need to rinse off the windows with water or anything else after the job is done. And when it comes to insects and pests, they can be cleaned off the windows as well even if they’ve been there a while and they’re stuck to the glass. Indeed, any type of debris can easily be removed without using anything that has bleach in it; all you have to do is use this spray cleaner and your greenhouse cleaning job is all but complete.

Best Telescopic Window Cleaners

Below are some of these window cleaners that you are sure to love.

DocaPole Extension Pole and Squeegee

DocaPole Extension Pole and SqueegeeWhen it comes to greenhouse cleaning of your windows, they have to be squeaky clean at all times in order for your greenhouse to work properly. This pole allows you to use any type of cleaner you wish, from glass cleaners that you mix with water to a bleach solution that you make up yourself. Even with a good cleaner, you’ll sometimes need to do a little scrubbing on the glass, but don’t worry because you can take this pole, dip it in a bucket of cleaning solution, and start rubbing on that greenhouse window until every one of them is completely clean. Windows in greenhouses are notoriously hard to reach but this pole reaches up to 12 feet and can, therefore, accommodate most greenhouses. With three sizes of squeegee blades, you are certain to get an expert cleaning every time. You may even find the task so simple that you’ll clean your greenhouse more often and not just at the end of the growing season. This pole also comes in other sizes besides the 12-foot size so you can get a pole that is 30 feet in length in case your greenhouse is taller than normal. Whether your windows are small or large, the DocaPole extension pole will make sure that they are squeaky clean every time, allowing them to look like they are brand-new.

Geardon High Window Squeegee Cleaner

Geardon High Window Squeegee CleanerNot only does this device save you a lot of time and money on your cleaning supplies because it is so efficient but it also comes at a price that won’t break the bank. Even super-high windows that may contain dried-on leaves, algae, bits of soil, and any other type of debris that is commonly found on these windows are no trouble to clean, thanks to this pole. The top of the squeegee even has a spray head on one side, not to mention a microfiber scrubber on the other side, so that cleaning your windows is much faster and much more efficient. It comes with three metal handles that allow the pole to get to a full 58 inches in length. If you want to add bleach, detergent, or any other type of cleaning solution, you can do so with ease. The sprayer head is also strategically designed and is made with soft silicone blades that do a great job of getting all debris off of the windows but promise never to scratch the glass. Because of this special design, the squeegee adapts to windows of any size and shape, and it can clean each window pane regardless of the angle you need it to be at. It even does a superb job of getting into tight corners and edges, thanks in part to the rotation head that can rotate a full 180 degrees. The cloth placed over the head is super absorbent and will wipe off excess water or soapy water, making it easier than ever to get clear, streak-free windows every time. It absorbs and removes the water so that you don’t have to spend a lot of your time trying to get super-clean windows on the outside or inside of your greenhouse.

Als Ellan Professional 3-in-1 Window Squeegee and Scrubber

Als Ellan Professional 3-in-1 Window Squeegee and ScrubberThis very versatile squeegee and scrubber is one of the most valuable tools that you’ll ever purchase for your greenhouse. It extends out to almost nine feet long and is made out of ABS plastic, making it very sturdy and reliable. The blade is made out of silicone and provides you with streak-free drying every time; plus, the microfiber cloth attracts all sorts of dust and debris even if you don’t use any special cleaning solution. In fact, this scrubber can remove stuck-on soil, dead pests, and anything else that has splattered onto your windows, making them super easy to clean every time. The microfiber pad absorbs water quickly and the scrubber makes removing anything from your windows a breeze. Best of all, the pad is washable and therefore saves you a lot of money. The head turns a full 180 degrees to make window cleaning a lot faster. It can reach even the corners of your windows so you get a clean that is both thorough and simple. Even dried-on leaves are no problem with this tool and you can clean both the inside and outside windows in less time than you think.

Best Glass Steam Cleaners

Below are a few of the best glass steam cleaners on the market.

Comforday Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner

Comforday Handheld Pressurized Steam CleanerComplete with nine accessories and made to clean and wash everything from carpet to vinyl and even glass windows and mirrors, this cleaner is a great way to take your greenhouse windows from dirty to super clean in no time. It not only removes dried-on materials such as pests and diseases, algae, and stuck-on leaves and miscellaneous debris, but it will keep your greenhouse garden windows clean much longer because the steam does such a thorough job. A greenhouse garden is a great thing to have but it can be messy as well. When this mess extends to the windows inside of the greenhouse, it’s good to know that you have tools that do a great job of making it easier to keep those windows cleaner for a much longer period of time. This is an eco-friendly steamer that makes this part of your greenhouse cleaning much easier on you and you won’t need bleach or products made with bleach to get great results – just a bit of water!

VonHaus Multi-Purpose Steam Sterilizer and Cleaner

Vonhaus Handheld Steam CleanerNot only are steam cleaners great for windows but they can clean and wash lots of other items in your greenhouse as well, including your plant and herb pots, any tools normally kept inside of greenhouses, and even many of the plants that you’re growing inside of your greenhouse. Using nothing but good old-fashioned water mixed with something like small amounts of hydrogen dioxide means that anything growing inside of your greenhouse can take the day off from being bothered by algae, pests, or anything else that has gotten near any plant and threatened to ruin its existence. The VonHaus steam cleaner has a pointed tip so that you can get into every crack and crevice in your greenhouse. It is perfect for cleaning algae off of glass and pots, any plants that aren’t too delicate, and even the greenhouse floor if that’s what you need to be cleaned. You can even change the settings so the steam doesn’t come out too forcefully, allowing you to wash whatever needs to be completely clean before you leave your greenhouse garden.

PurSteam Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner

Pursteam Handheld Steam CleanerFrom pests and diseases falling off of your plants and dying pests that seem to be everywhere, the inside of your greenhouse can be a sticky, dangerous mess. If you want to give your inside windows a super-good cleaning, you may want to consider one of these high-tech steam cleaners. Growing plants and vegetables in a greenhouse is a lot of fun but if you don’t keep your windows clean, everything you’ve planted can be ruined. Tools such as the PurSteam handheld steam cleaner can destroy all of these items and more, including dead leaves, garden pests, dried-on soil, and even algae. Steam works so quickly that it may take some time to get used to how you are getting your greenhouse windows clean. You don’t need quaternary ammonium or special bleach or even special cleaning materials made just for garden greenhouses or even for windows. With this device, all you have to do is take the top off, fill it up with warm or cool water, and wash your windows by spraying the steam directly at the glass. This is a much easier way to clean your garden greenhouse than trying to do everything by hand. Soil, algae, and debris from plants are no match for this device.

Best Greenhouse Fumigators

Here are some excellent fumigators made just for greenhouses that you are sure to love.

Doktor Doom DDTRF 3-Ounce Total Release Fogger

Doktor Doom Greenhouse FumigatorSpecifically made for greenhouses, it promises to get rid of all types of pests so that your fruits, vegetables, and herbs grow their best once they’re planted. The Doktor Doom fogger controls spider mites, aphids, and fungus gnats as well as many other pests so that you can take your growing skill to the next level and produce healthy plants that you’ll love day in and day out. This fogger should be used up to one full day before you harvest for the best results, and you may want to start even earlier to be on the safe side. The main ingredient in the fogger, pyrethrum, will biodegrade within hours of the spraying, which you’ll like because it doesn’t even leave behind any residue or unpleasant smell. You can also use the fogger in storage areas and anywhere else that can become a place where you might find algae, diseases, or anything else that will interfere with the growing process. If you want your greenhouse more than just clean, you need the Doktor Doom Total Release fogger.

BASF Pyrethrum TR Fogger

A clean greenhouse is a more productive greenhouse. When your greenhouse cleaning involves a high-quality fumigation, you’ll know that the greenhouse is as clean as it can be. After all, you need more than just water to fully clean an entire greenhouse, especially when you consider how stubborn dead leaves, all types of pests, algae, and stuck-on soil can be to remove. Plant diseases can ruin every living thing in your greenhouse and since a healthy plant will only stay that way when it remains free of diseases and pathogens that can cause disease, this fogger is a great way to start a new greenhouse or even to refresh an existing one. Just like a new greenhouse, however, an older one can be renovated into one that is like new if you know how to do this. It doesn’t matter which plant material you’re working with or which pests you’re trying to get rid of because a thorough fumigation will make certain that your next greenhouse cleaning job is top-notch and lasts a long time. Indeed, with foggers such as this one, you won’t have to use it very often because the job it does is always meant to last.

DeadFast Greenhouse Smoke Fumigator

Deadfast Greenhouse Smoke GeneratorWhen you use the DeadFast fumigator, there’s no need to worry about the type of plant material in the things you’re growing, quaternary ammonium solutions that are so popular, tough algae, pests that might be attached to leaves or pots, bleach or other types of solutions that are cumbersome to mix together, or any type of disease that you frequently hear about when it comes to greenhouses. The fact is that this fumigator gets rid of everything including all types of disease, providing you with a powerful cleaning that is more than just a basic wash. Flying or crawling pests, leaves or soil with disease in them, and visible algae growing on pots, leaves, or even your favorite plant can all be eliminated with the right fumigation and DeadFast can help you get it. Common H20, or water, isn’t enough to thoroughly clean a greenhouse before you start planting things but a fumigation wipes the slate clean, so to speak, and allows you to plant whatever you want in your greenhouse. It is easy to understand why the right greenhouse clean is so important. If you want gorgeous, healthy plants in your greenhouse, you have to give those plants the right start; many times, this means a thorough fumigation.

In Summary

As you can see, finding the best products to clean your greenhouse isn’t that difficult, especially once you learn what you need and where to get it. Plants of all types need more than just water and the right-sized growing pots to be successful. If you want healthy soil, plants that are free of disease, and plants that will grow healthy and strong, you have to first make sure that your greenhouse is as clean as it can be. This doesn’t mean that the plant material, the amount of cleaner or water you use, the type of pots you purchase, or even the products you buy to keep away disease aren’t important. It’s just that to benefit from all of these things, your greenhouse has to be clean from top to bottom. If it isn’t, none of the other things you do for your plants will make a difference and you’ll end up disappointed in the results.

If you’ve decided to plant fruits or veggies in your greenhouse, to take that decision seriously is smart, and like other structures around your home, you can’t just buy some soap and water and expect your greenhouse to be clean enough to grow nice things. Do your research, make sure you have plenty of water on hand, and get used to learning more about plants and plant diseases so that you can know what to do immediately so that your greenhouse will thrive.

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